Graham Forsman is a freelance brand strategist and marketing consultant from New Zealand—now based in Brooklyn, New York.

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Brand and Marketing Strategist

Brand Development · Marketing Strategy · Web Design

I work with organizations and individuals to create expressive brands, sustainable marketing strategies, and high-quality websites and marketing collateral.

I created a brand and full digital marketing strategy for emerging pop musician Spencer William.

Most recently, I created a brand and full digital marketing strategy for emerging pop musician Spencer William. As a result, the singles from his debut EP collectively achieved more than a million plays across streaming music services.



New Zealand Organisation for Quality

National Communications Manager

NZOQ is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting corporations improve their product or service quality by educating and promoting the principles of quality management and best practice. As the National Communications Manager, I devised communications strategies, established brand identity guidelines, developed marketing initiatives, managed financial resources, and coordinated events.

  NZOQ Special Service Award recipient—awarded 2018
I developed the brand and print design for Quality Business® magazine, the flagship publication of the New Zealand Organisation for Quality and the Australian Organisation for Quality.

New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation

Brand Management · Marketing Management

NZBEF supports corporations in their efforts to improve overall business performance and achieve world-class levels of performance, productivity, and capability. When it became a subsidiary of NZOQ in 2016, I implemented digital marketing initiatives and developed a brand strategy to unify identity and messaging.

Nov. 2016

Asia-Pacific Quality Conference

Marketing Management · Event Planning

APQO Conference 2016 was the largest quality assurance conference ever held in New Zealand, attended by over 350 international delegates from 23 countries. I devised a full digital marketing strategy and assisted with sponsorship procurement and event planning.

  2016 Tourism New Zealand Business Events Award winner
Opening ceremony of the 2016 APQO International Conference, the largest international quality assurance conference ever held in New Zealand.

Web Designer and Social Media Marketer

Web Design · Social Media Marketing

I created websites for tertiary training providers Academy of Diving and Mara Automotive Training, and ran targeted social media marketing campaigns for the Design School, Land Based Training, the HairDressing College, Horizon Education, Dive & Ski HQ, and the Institute of Electrolysis & Beauty Therapy.

I created the brand and developed the website for Academy of Diving, a tertiary training provider of marine, aquatic, outdoors, and recreational activities.



Massey University

Bachelor of Communication

Media Studies · Marketing Communication